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Valentin Duricu

Platform used to aggregate events from all around the world in a single place, with a goal to provide attendee with a way to find new events easily and organisers with tools to attract and communicate with attendees much faster from a single place.

  • Tech Stack: JavaScript, VueJS, MySQL, Puzzle Framework
  • Project Page: https://learnfrom.io
  • Development Active: Development Freeze

At the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic a lot of business that provided services requiring interaction between people were affected. Most of the started to try various video services to connect them with their clients. Companies like Zoom, Microsoft or Google, with tools like Zoom Meetings, Teams, Skype or Google Hangouts, saw an increased usage of their video services, compared to the times before the pandemic started. But, these tools do not provide all the things needed for a company to continue its business, as it was before.

Enter Learnfrom.io, a platform where people can post their sessions and where they can connect with customers from all over the world. The key feature of the Learnfrom.io platform is the possibility to explore events from various domains and attend them from a single place. Also, organisers could interact easily with their attendees and based on the event configuration, could make some money from the event.

If you think that our solution helps you, schedule a call with us or send us an email through our contact page.

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