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HVAC Form Filler

Valentin Duricu

Mobile application used to auto fill some forms used by a HVAC company to setup new Heating installations, approve the repairs done to existing system or perform regular checks required by the law for the HVAC systems.

  • Tech Stack: JavaScript, VueJS, NativeScript, Heroku
  • Project Page: -
  • Development Active: No

The application was a new challenge for us, since our customer had some PDF forms that needed to be filled automatically with clients information.

The constraints for our application were:

  • Generate PDFs based on existing PDF forms,
  • Request all the data, for all forms, based on some rules,
  • Work on both Android and iOS devices,
  • The documents should be printed from the mobile device on a mobile printer,
  • The application should be ready as soon as possible.

The first iteration of the application saw us building the Mobile Application, generating the first PDF forms based on some Word Documents and trying to fill the PDF forms from the device, without the need of a backend solution. During this first iteration, we solved point 2 and 3 of our constraints. How? By using NativeScript and VueJS, technologies that we are very familiar with. The PDF forms were easily created using Adobe Acrobat Forms. The filling of the PDFs... not that easy. We tried several libraries to perform these tasks, but they failed either on Android or on iOS.

The second iteration of the application saw us building a small Backend that takes as input the data filled by our customer and builds the PDF file that can be printed. Great success up until this point: we managed to generate the PDF files based on the forms. Now the tricky part - printing. Thanks to the APIs exposed by NativeScript we managed to that really fast and easily. So, up until now we solved the points 1 and 4 from our constraints.

To test the applications on devices we used the Google Crashlytics/Firebase system. We built the applications for both platforms (Android and iOS) and sent them to test to our customer. The end result: The application was a success for them and they manage to print the forms more quickly, without worrying that they mess up a Word File and cannot get the original file back.

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