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Valentin Duricu

Application used for performing Technical Tests for Interviews and Training programmes.

  • Tech Stack: JavaScript, MySQL, VueJS, Puzzle Framework
  • Project Page: -
  • Development Active: No

Skills was developed as a platform where people applying for an internship program can test their technical skills.

The idea behind the platform was to define a set of questions, with various categories and difficulty levels, from which we could randomly select items that could form a technical test. These questions could be single choice, multiple choice, free text or code completion. Based on some rules and checks, some of the answers required manual evaluation while others were automatically validated.

Over the years, the platform evolved into a system where the HR department could schedule people to tests and give the final answer to the person who applied for the internship programme, while the technical department could see the answers and give their input on the technical test.

At the moment, the platform development has been frozen, but we are thinking of restarting it as soon as we will need new interns or new developers.

If you are interested in this platform, schedule a call with us to give you a demo of what it can do and if it fits your needs.

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