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Valentin Duricu

Etiquette is a project created to help Bakeries, and not only, to ease their processes and their interaction with devices to easily generate labels, compliance documents and manage the products that they create.

  • Tech Stack: JavaScript, C#, MySQL, VueJS, Puzzle Framework
  • Project Page: https://etqt.app
  • Development Active: Yes

A project really close to our heart is Etiquette, a solution for bakeries (and not only) to ease their processes and allow them to easily manage what products to they create and generate legal documents, for these products, required by the law. The customer, and partner for the development, of the application is Atelier de Torturi si Prajituri. They provided us with all the requirements for the application and the testing of the implementation.

While developing this application we learned a lot of interesting things, both on the technical part and on the business side. On the technical side we learned:

  • how to generate PDFs in JavaScript easily without the use of HTML files, based on some templates defined by our customers,
  • how to generate and print product labels,
  • integrate various technologies together to create a better solution,
  • and how to work with specialised hardware.

On the business side, we learned a lot about the requirements imposed by the local laws in the HoReCa domain, like how the ingredients should be shown the labels and what the contents of a Compliance document should be. Thanks to our partner, we started to better understand the domain and see what new features would ease their work further.

Want to see the application in action? Schedule a call with us and we can show you a demo of the application.

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