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Valentin Duricu

Infra is a platform created to help you in the management of the DNS records and proxies for the applications and servers you use inside your organisation.

  • Language: TypeScript, JavaScript, React, MongoDB, Traefik
  • Project Page: -
  • Development Active: Yes

While configuring the various internal applications we used inside the company, we needed a simple solution to define DNS records to access the applications easily. In addition to the DNS records, for most of the applications we needed Proxy and Reverse Proxy configuration.

The first solution that we used was a combination of Apache 2 and Bind 9. While they are powerful tools, the configuration had to be done through text configuration files, not very easy to write and maintain. For a while, we stored the configuration files in Git and had to run some commands to update the servers and the SSL certificates. This was a good solution, up until we had to manage multiple domains for various applications that were exposed to the public from our internal servers.

Since we had to work with Traefik for a project for one of our customers, we researched what Traefik can do for our use case and how we can take advantage of the features it has. During our research we found that we can easily configure Traefik by using a YAML file exported from a HTTP endpoint.

As DNS Server we kept using Bind 9. The reason for keeping Bind 9 were the existing knowledge of how Bind 9 configuration works and the previously exported DNS Zone files from CPanel.

The first iteration of the Infra application is currently deployed internally on our application proxy server, to handle the internal routing of internal domains and application reverse proxy.

The technology stack used for the application was chosen in order to learn more about: Traefik, MongoDB and React.

At the moment, the application UI is redesigned and getting prepared for public release, but if you are interested in a solution to easily manage internal DNS and Proxy servers, give us a call.

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