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Valentin Duricu

golocal.dev allows you to easily share a web service from your local development machine to the internet without the need of a DNS server or messing with the firewall settings.

  • Tech Stack: TypeScript, JavaScript, VueJS, MongoDB, Yargs
  • Project Page: https://golocal.dev
  • Development Active: Yes

golocal.dev is a platform developed internally for exposing the work we've done to our customers while still in development and, also, to help us connect third party applications and libraries to our solution, like Stripe, Zoom or Google Authentication.

We know that there are a lot of existing alternatives to our solution, like ngrok, tailscale, localtunnel, but we wanted to understand how they work and wanted a solution that we can deploy in our internal network and reduce the costs with using a commercial solution.

Also, every tunnel that we create using golocal.dev is protected using Let's Encrypt TLS Certificates.

You can give a try to our solution on https://golocal.dev and install the CLI utility from npm using the command npm -g install glc. If you like it and want to deploy an instance inside your company, schedule a call with us and we will be more than welcome to help you.

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