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Valentin Duricu

A library that converts PDF files to PNG images that can be used to print Labels.

We started by using an existing library to convert PDF files to PNG images created in 2014. The existing library was really helpful to us, but needed some refactorization and some updates to the included GhostScript library. Another thing we wanted to improve was the support for other platforms, besides Windows.

As a result, we taken the existing code and migrated it to TypeScript. While doing the refactorization we tried to identify which packages are still needed and which not, such that we reduce the dependencies of our new library. In the end, the single node dependency is the "randomstring" library that we use to generate some temporary files.

The project on which we use the PDF2PNG library is Etiquette where we generate labels to be printed and placed on products by backers on their products.

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