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OneBE Framework

Valentin Duricu

TypeScript backend framework created to develop API Endpoints easy and fast with API auto-documentation and database connection.

While developing new applications, both for us and our customers, we saw a pattern in the things we do and tried to identify the basic things that can be reused and that can form a base for new projects. The existing Puzzle Framework would have been a good solution, but we needed something that uses TypeScript. As a result we created the OneBE framework, a framework that provides a single reusable base (one backend), with features that ease the work done by our developers:

  • better Email and SMS sending functionalities,
  • enhanced authentication and authorisation system,
  • Internationalisation,
  • Multi Factor Authentication system,
  • Scheduler,
  • API Auto-documentation and OpenAPI3 YAML file generator.

The latest feature was the greatest addition to the framework. It has provided us with a faster development cycle, since we can easily test our endpoints through a standard tool and provide a documentation to developers that create the UI of the applications.

And since we want to help others develop new applications easily and fast, the framework and the base project are published on GitHub. We tried our best to document the things in both projects, but if you see something that isn't working or is buggy, create an Issue or a Pull Request to let us know about it.

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