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Puzzle Framework

Valentin Duricu

Micro-apps backend development framework, designed to increase productivity and modularity of JavaScript application development.

We created the Puzzle Framework to help us internally in the development of several applications both for us and for our customers. The direction in which we wanted to build the framework was to allow our developers to easily extend or create new modules without changing the existing functionality. These modules should feature everything: data access layers, API endpoints and presentation (if needed). To start any new project from scratch without hustle, we defined some modules that provided the following features:

  • authentication and authorisation,
  • data access using a SQL database, through the usage of Sequelize,
  • database and table creation through the usage of migrations,
  • email sending using SendGrid,
  • validation using JOI.

Over the years, the framework was improved and enhanced to support new functionalities and fix some of the issues identified while developing application. Here are a list of applications that we developed using the framework:

The evolution of our internal framework is the OneBE Framework.

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